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Our primary method of spreading the magic of the St. Johns River! This is where we post and share all of the images we make of the river.

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Let's Draw: The St. Johns River

A time lapse video, creating a six foot map of the St. Johns.

CONFLUX: We Are The River is a photographic exploration of the St. Johns River. The goal of the project is to share the magic of the St. Johns with as large an audience as possible. What is CONFLUX? CONFLUX: We Are The River is a photography project about the St. Johns River in Northern Florida. The project will serve as a comprehensive documentation of the river’s landscape and community in the 21st century. The St. Johns River is a national treasure, both for it's historic and ecological value. With an incredible variety of ecosystems, it is home to outstanding biological diversity. The river is also an essential aspect of the local economy and quality of life for over 3 million people. The river's current health and safety are declining at an unprecedented rate, endangering all forms of life that depend on it. It is time to capture and share the magic of the St. Johns River with the world, so that we may raise awareness of it's majestic wonders, and protect them for future generations.